Two-handed swords

Spadone / Montante 16010 

Price: CZK
Lutel Montante sword 16010

Two-handed sword - Spadone / Montante - Southern Europe - 16th century, Double-edged blade with two short fullers and lugs (parrying hooks), straight cross-guard spirally decorated, "Scent stopper" decorated pommel, wooden grip covered with leather.

Blade length - 119cm, width - 5cm under guard
Ricasso - 16cm
Crossguard - 41cm
Handle + pommel - 39cm
Overall length - 159cm
P.o.b. - 15cm under guard (blunt version)
Weight - 2,85 kg

The weapon which the Iberians called the Montante is a large and long-bladed sword used with two hands. Its close Italian relative is named the Spadone or the Spada da due mani. This was a specialized weapon which seemed to have reached its zenith in the 1500s and 1600s, serving on the battlefield, in the duel (albeit, probably not a common occurrence), as a weapon of an elite guard, and also as a weapon of prestige.

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